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Carpet Cleaning Livermore CA


Are you sick and tired of renting those carpet cleaning machines and buying those chemical rug and spot cleaners, odor removers, and then spending hours shampooing and re-shampooing your carpet only to have it smell like a chemical factory and look less than clean? Have you seriously considered tearing up that expensive carpeting all because of that red Kool-aid or wine stain that just won’t disappear despite your best efforts? Are you afraid to let your infant or toddler play on the floor because your carpet looks, smells and feels dirty? Then perhaps it is time that you pick up the phone and called carpet cleaning Livermore.

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We Do Carpet Cleaning Right

We here at Carpet cleaning Livermore are professionally trained to clean every type of carpet known to man whether that carpet is made of up of synthetic or natural fibers or short or long pile. Our talented and trained technicians use state of the art steam cleaning equipment and organic cleaners that are safer for children and pets than those harsh chemical cleaners. They also come prepared with the right products to remove those lingering odors and remove stains that you thought would never come out. In fact, most of our customers tell us that their carpets before and after our cleaning is as different as night and day. Types of carpet we clean include:
• Natural and synthetic carpets
• Both machine and hand made carpets
• Berber
• Shag
• Wool
• Olefin
• Acrylic or Polyester

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How We Differ From our Competitors

We take pride in being different from most of our competitors, since our difference is what makes us stand out and provides you with the cleanest carpets available. Some the differences between us and our competitors include:
• We are fully licensed and insured. This not only provides you with protection should something go wrong and your carpet get ruined, it also provides you with peace of mind that we are not some fly by night carpet cleaning company that is here today and gone tomorrow taking your money with them without providing you with the kind of service you deserve and expect.
• Our extended hours of service are for your convenience. We also don’t expect you to drop everything and take the day off work simply to have your carpets cleaned like those services that only operate from 9 to 5 do. Because we know how important your work and your free time is, we make our services as convenient to you as possible, by keeping extended hours that run from 8 to 8 and providing you with same day service should you need it.
• Our Green Cleaners and State of Art equipment. When you hire a mechanic to fix your car, you expect to have your car repair properly and for it to be safe to drive. When you hire a carpet cleaning service you expect them to clean that carpet properly and safely as well. Which is why we use only state of art cleaning equipment and green cleaners to get the job done. Our equipment is designed to reach deep into the fibers of your carpet getting it cleaned down deep not just on the surface, so your carpet is cleaned all the way down. In addition, not only do our green cleaners provide a cleaner carpet, leaving behind no flaky or dulling residue, they are actually safer for children, pets and even adults.
We are also happy to offer you a free consultation so you can learn more about our services as well as free carpet cleaning estimate. For more information about our services, or to set up your free consultation or book our services either talk to our online representative or call (925) 201-6390.


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Our Carpet Cleaning services are available at both 94550 and 94551 ZIP codes of Livermore, California as well as at the surrounding areas:
Pleasanton, CA
Dublin, CA
San Ramon, CA
Union City, CA
Fremont, CA Fairview, CA
Danville, CA
Hayward, CA
Castro Valley, CA
Brentwood, CA Newark, CA
Cherryland, CA
Alamo, CA
Ashland, CA
Milpitas, CA


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